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    Traxxas series 5 8.4v 5000mah!!!!

    HEY GUYS i just want you to let you know some experiments i've been making with my

    pede.k i bought this TRAXXAS SERIES 5 8.4V 5000MAH and use it on my stock xl5 pede and

    it runs 45 minutes!!! pretty impressive hey, now i made a brushless convertion and installed

    a castle creations sidewinder sv3 3800kv and i combined it wiht the nimh battery and

    holey moley, it is a wheelie machine and runs amazingly fast, so the run times lowered to

    30-35 mins due to the fact that the motor is an amp hog and i presume the fan esc is

    taking away some battery, but dont know how much is taking away from it each run, now i

    run my pede against and nitro rustler 2.5 and what do you know, i beat the sucker 90% of

    the time, when drag racing, i know the nitro will take the lead later on, cuz its a 50 mph rig

    and mine is set up for 35-40mph , but in a medium size drag race i beat him good but not

    by far, im really impressed with this setup, brushless and good nimh's do combine, i am

    planning on buying another 5000 mah good traxxas nimh pack, im not that big of lipo cuz it

    takes a lot of effort to care for them imo, and with the pede you cant take a 3s lipo in, it is

    too much power,do you guys think that 2s lipo makes a big difference over good nimh

    of equivalent mah???

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    2s will be a noticeable difference. Expect a little more throttle response and longer run times.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    this was helpfull. Im about to buy my son a VXL bandit for christmas. Im tossing up between buying him another 8.4v NiMH battery or going the lipo route?
    I didnt want to go the 11.1v lipo due to cost and potentially overheating the motor. I figured the 8.4v Nimh would beat the 7.6v lipo off the line but apparently not?? Cheers so lower voltage lipo is quicker off the line, I thought they would only add longer run times.

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