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    Tqi glitching help

    I have an old emaxx was originally a short track (narrow track) anyways I started to restore it and I put in a tqi 2.5 ghz with blue tooth. So I don't have to have 7 tx laying around. And it glitches any time you move steering or shifting servo it will glitch tries to go into rev some times it goes into rev even when I'm touching nothing. Even while driving fwd the brakes lock and it will try to go into rev. It has the evx2 waterproof esc and the twin Titans. Anyone know what I should try to look at to fix it? I have brand new 7cell battery's too.

    Edit: also the chassis was broken so I ended up getting a Tmaxx aluminum chassis dono if that might be it.
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    You have a old maxx, im assuming a Novek EVX-1 (orange non waterproof), and a single steering servo.

    If the radio is glitching, theres a few things you can try.

    1. Restore factory defaults for the TQi, make sure its on the mode for E-Maxx, this includes re-binding.
    2. Your old steering servo may be worn and overdrawing the reciver, causing a lack of power and glitching, shuddering, ext. Try a new servo, if it doesnt fix it, you can always return it. I recomend upgrading to a better high torque servo from Savox, Futaba, Hitec, ext but thats off topic for right now.
    3. Your EVX isnt putting out enough current (related to #2). To test this, buy a spare receiver plug, wire 4 AA batteries in serries, the + goes to the red wire, the - to the black wire, and plug into channel 5.

    If the problem is solved with this:
    a. you can try buying a glitch-buster, which is a big capacitor that helps smooth the power draw. $10
    b. The problem may be in your batteries. Bad Nimh or Nicad packs can cause this by screwing with the EVX
    c. buy a new speed controler, like a MM2, which has adjustable current (I dont recomend this right now).
    or d. Buy a reciver pack $20, plug into channel 5, and charge accordingly.

    This is not uncommon, i have power issues in my radio system, even with a MM2 putting the full 6v to the reciever. I just have a big servo and some lights and it creates a power loss and glitching. A glitch buster was enough for me, but I have also run a receiver pack in the past to help take the strain off the MM2.

    Hope all this helps, id be happy to clarify anything that doesnt make sense.

    PS. Only way the chassis could cause it is if something was damaged in the crash. Carefully check all the servo and esc wires for kinks, splits in the insulation, ext. Also, the servo may have been damaged in the crash.

    and T-Maxx chassis? I guess if you have a T-maxx then you can share parts, but I ask you to consider FLM's chassis. Pretty expensive but stronger than a T-maxx chassis and designed for the E-maxx transmission, which is stronger and brushless ready. Just my thoughts.

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