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    Please help

    Hi there,
    i'm just getting started to the r/c world. I'm stuck on whether i should get a slash 2wd vxl with TSM or a rally 1/10 vxl. I really like the slash but the rally seems like a better option overall. I would drive then in my driveway and the park or anywhere really. The parks grass is about 1-2 inches so i guess i would like some ground clearance.

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    Neither of those are any good for grass.

    Short course trucks are only fun if you are racing other SCT's. As a basher to just drive around outsude, the suck.

    The 1/10 rally does ok in short grass, but that's not really what it's made for, but then neither is it really made for on road driving on road either, too much power just turns it into a spinoff king.

    For not much more than the rally you can get a stampede vxl 4x4, which is a lot more fun than either of the two you are looking at.

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