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    Unhappy Merv differential problems

    Hello everyone, I bring you here to help me with my Merv rear differential. The pinion and differential gears are resisting on just one tooth, but no matter how many times I replace those gears they have the same problem, one tooth resists turning... I have rebuilt the entire bulkhead, this includes getting new bearings, diff and pinion gears, new bulkhead itself, and re-lubing it. I can't figure out what is going on and I would hugely appreciate help. Thanks in advance -PatrioticBanana

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    I have this issue too. Does it rub when the axles are on or just when it is in the bulkhead and bolted up? I haven't figured out how to solve it yet but have been told it could be wear on the bulkhead. I wonder if one of my axles is wobbly and is pushing funny. Keen to see what your final solution is.

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