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    question on parallel charging 4 alias packs

    I just got a alias and ordered 3 more of the stock 650mah 1s packs and have a parallel charging adapter to fit 6 batteries question 1 is I have 3 chargers 2 are a onyx 235 and the other is a hitech x1 touch the hitech only goes in increments on 100 so I can do 600mah or 700mah so I was wondering if its safe to charge these packs @ 700mah?

    Next question is when parallel charging it appears all packs need to be within 0.1v of each other?

    last question when charging 4 1s 650mah packs I would set my charger to 1s 2600mah 5.2A (back of battery shows a charge rate of 2c 1.3A)?
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    I was just thinking this verrry question today LOL

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    There should be no problem with charging with 50 mA higher than the 1C.
    Yes the cell voltages should be as close as possible between all the cells since the voltages will equalize as soon as you put them on the parallel adapter and large differences in voltages will result in a high current flow from the higher voltage cell to the lower voltage cell.
    yes 5.2A charge rate at 2C but personally I would stick to 1C charge rate unless I'm in a hurry even if the battery states that it can be charged at 2C.

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    The stock USB single port charger has two charge rates: 500mA and 1000mA. I stay well below the upper rate when charging mine in parallel.
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