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    Left fully charged battery hooked to ESC

    I charged up the battery and then installed it into my rustler vxl and plugged it in, then it sat for 2 days before I fired it up, seems like ever since then when I back the truck up to the wall in the living room and boot it down the truck jumps for a micro second and then shuts down, the LED on the esc is still solid red but no steering and no motor. blinking red light on the receiver. If I shut off the esc then turn it back on all is normal until I do another dead stop boot down.? Did I screw up my ESC by leaving my fully charged 3000 NiMh battery plugged into it?

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    I wouldn't leave the battery plugged in however I don't believe that will do anything.

    You back it up to a wall,boot it down,it jumps a micro second,then it shuts down again,the esc light is still on,then its blinking,then you turn it off again?
    When you turn it back on everything is normal until you do a "dead stop boot down"?
    What in tarnation are you talking about?

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    Leaving it plugged in WILL drain the battery. Recharge it and see what happens.

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