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    Waiting for a roller

    Give it six months and we will have bags of hop ups for this beast,I don't want the current model with inferior motor/esc combo getting all hot an sweaty after a couple of runs
    The diffs need upgrading too by the sound of things
    I'm going to build a build a proper basher like my slash,can't wait.
    I'm from rip off Britain

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    Hey, what ever floats your boat.
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    What esc motor combo you looking at? Im waiting for somone to build a 12s monster. I think there are larger tires out there too.

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    In my opinion the breakage right now is minimal that we are seeing. Dont get me wrong the shock shafts could be a little thicker. But i have bashed my truck harder than anyone has here so far and i only broke a shock. Its just isolated issues right now which Traxxas is covering.

    Just because its there doesn't mean its for sale.

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