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    Suggestions for xmaxx lighting?

    Anyone been busy putting lights on? Thinking of headlights, tail lights and maybe a light bar. I'm new to this hobby do I don't know what's good out there. Suggestions?

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    ^^looks like that dude used led strips and some imagination.

    If it were me, I would make my own light setup to be original. Why buy a scale looking expensive light bar and mount it behind the bumper? It looks like a $2 led strip segment anyways, 3 5050 ultra whites would blow it away. I wouldn't plug anymore load into the rx with the bec going nuclear around here.

    Learn how to solder. Find a 24v to 12v 3a buck converter and power it off the main plug. Then get on ebay and start looking thru the 12v led selections and find something new to use. 5 meters of $20 led strip goes a long way when used in little segments. You could even wire in a led controller with a remote control. Do some under lighting(like the link above)or put some on your axle carriers to shine thru your wheels. Of course you won't find these in a rtr box, you may have to learn something in the process.

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    There are many light kits. Most get power from the reciver, these are plug and play.

    The number of options you have greatly increases once you areble to solder conections.
    The number of options becomes limited by the type of leds that are manufactured once you are able to make your own power supplies

    Adding lights can be a very quick and simple upgrade or you can dive into the electrical engineering side of things and make it quite the project.

    Lights can be mounted to the plastic body shell or in separate light cans.

    For utility its best to mount lights to the frame. This will prevent you from needing a wired conection between the shell and chassis.

    For looks its hard to beat drilling holes in the body and either glueing the lights to it or adding light cans

    Its up to you how much you want to spend, how much you like small electronics. And the look uour going for. It can be done in any combination of these options.

    The posibilities are endless

    Good luck and have fun

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    Sweet over cab lights!

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    Almost finished with all my lights on my x-maxx. One of the things your going to realize when you get started is, once you start adding stuff its going to be constant battle for the next cool thing.
    Just because its there doesn't mean its for sale.

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