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    Hey big, i think u were the one that told me bout the wp sc8 esc? And the goolrc 2650kv bl motor? Im getting close to have all my parts for my p4de and was wondering wat lipos are best? Which motor 1/8 or 1/10? And wats the best pinion/spur for bashing. Ive almost got my sons p2de done. Goina go stock gearing with the xl5 for starters. Thanks for the help in advance
    The GoolRC motor i mentioned prior and using is actually a 2600kv motor and 1/10th scale... the 2650kv motor is by castle creations and thats 1/8th scale.
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    this is a huge thread... I have a stock pede and bought a 1/16 slash 4x4 as well.. I have 2, 3cell batteries on my modded slash.. I have read that would be a bad idea on the pede... so, since i have the charger for the lipos, should i just pick up 2, 2 cell lipo batteries? This would be for a stock pede.
    Thanks guys!

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    What works on a 1/10 slash, will work on a stampede. Only difference between the two that really matters, is just that the slash chassis is 2 inches longer than the stampede.

    If you have the stock velineon system you can run 2, or 3s lipos. Don't really understand the way you worded it tho.....are you asking if you can run 2 3s, or 2 2s batteries at the same time? Not in series of course, I guess you could mount 2 and run them in parallel, but there's no point in that simply because of the weight.

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