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    Email traxxas with all issues

    Ok, so I don't have my truck yet, but I have seen numerous issues pop up on this thread. Whether it's broken shocks/ dry diff's/ flaming, esc's, etc. I just think everyone should notify traxxas for any issue that isn't caused by the driver. Not to be a pain, but so that they can improve their QC for this truck arriving from china. If we don't tell them what's going on, they can't fix it. So if you get your new RTR in the mail and the diffs are bone dry, let them know. Don't ask for free stuff just because your diff's are dry. With this knowledge they can hopefully improve all future versions of the truck.

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    I'm 100% sure that Traxxas is monitoring the forums and knows when issues arise (do you not see the title of "Traxxas Employee" under their name?). No need to make a request to spam the forum or their phone lines.
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