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Thread: Bearing fail

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    Bearing fail

    Have searched the forum but can't find any info on this. I'm in Tasmania Australia. Had to get the Alias imported and have been having a boot load of fun with it. Have put maybe 20 battery packs through the thing and a bearing gave out. Ordered new ones, no stress, just wondering if anyone else had had issues like this and some suggestions if stronger maybe ceramic bearings were available for the alias.

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    I had a bearing go out first flight called traxxas they sent me a new set I also had A motor burn up about a week after that traxxas also fixed that. Sucks I had so many problems but now its good and is real fun to fly. I've have problems in the past with my summit when its was new but traxxas is really good with support
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    Boca Bearing company makes a set of ceramic bearings for this quad, but be warned... they are not cheap . they also make an economy sealed bearing set which is much more affordable and very good quality .
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    I had my first bearing fail on me about 2 weeks ago.. I got my quad 2/14/2014 and fly all the time. I'm still on all 4 original motors, I crash a lot. My bearing failed after a very hard crash landing upside down.
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