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    Bind with Spektrum DX transmitter

    I realize the Aton doesn't have a Spektrum receiver, therefore it wouldn't be able to "Bind n Fly" but with Open Source does anyone know if there is a conceivably possible way to ever do this? Love this quad, would love it much more with my DX7 in my hand. Thoughts?

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    Probably contact traxxas to see what they have to say about it.

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    I would love to bind this with my dx6i

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    I'm also interested to bind the Aton with my Spektrum DX6. Is there a transceiver module available what can be connected to the DX6 trainer port and is supporting Traxxas RC protocol? (like the Anylink module to support Tactic receivers)

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    It would be a wonderful thing if I was able to use my Devo 7E running DeviationTX to control my Aton.

    Unfortunately it's not just an issue of finding a transceiver module. Even if there was a transceiver module available, the Traxxas protocol used for both command and telemetry would need to be supplied by Traxxas or reverse engineered and support all features and functions of the Aton transmitter.

    Not a small task without the help and support of Traxxas and unfortunately a BNF option doesn't seem to be something Traxxas is interested in offering for the Aton.

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