Ok so I have a 1/16 Revo VXL brushless.

Factory pinion, and spur I believe is factory too.

Twin Traxxas 2 cell LIPO's 2200's in parallel.
Been using the Traxxas charger and balance charging them, of course.

Back in Dallas I've been getting crazy long run times as expected... Probably 45+ mines.

Now I brought my car to Denver Colorado and been driving through heavy snow... It struggles getting through it and for the most part I'm like 80-100% throttle going through it. My batteries will both die in 15-20 minutes TOPS!? ... Car goes in to LVC... slow blinking red...

So I went to the hobby shop and bought 2 venom 1300mah 3 cell LIPO's... Connected them to the balance port on my Traxxas dual charger... Charged them up and took it for a spin... WAY faster as to be expected... (Both batteries in parallel)

But the batteries died in 5 minutes?!

The car went to LVC slow blinking red. There's NO WAY they died. So I took it home, charged them up again and took it for a spin... Same thing!

There's no way that's right. Is the speed controller taking a crap, or am I charging my batteries wrong? Or is there something else going on?

Any pointers here? I'm lost.