I figured I would create a thread because I think I am going to have a ton of fun with the X-Maxx. I was a slacker and waited to order mine so I had to hustle around trying to call Hobby stores that I heard normally received the new stuff. A really cool guy I know made a call to Field's Hobby Center in Buffalo / Cheektowaga, NY and after a day or so my order was placed on 12/4/15. They took really good care of me so I am going to buy a Traxxas Aton from them pretty soon also instead of buying from someone else. I could have had an X-Max on Christmas but the guy's kid wanted one for Christmas so I could not convince myself to have one before he did, plus it gave me some time to sell as much stuff as I could to soften the blow to my bank account! It's all good though, I caught Santa today.

I am pretty short on time so I was only able to snap a few pictures. Man oh man this truck is a beast. For any of you that have one, what did you think the first time you had to carry it through a door way?! You have to stop and think, "How am I doing to do this without scratching both sides of the door frame?!" I took one picture to compare the size of it to semi-normal household items for the people that haven't seen one in person yet. I will keep you posted on my progress. For now I want to keep it reliable and cool, temperature wise.

Of course I bought the fastest color!