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    Thank you , the old method of using the MIP ended and so I hadn't had a way to build diffs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Topher415 View Post
    These are the caster racing gears from china, the website was kinda sketch but i figured since they take paypal if anything were to happen then paypal would reimburse me. You can find these on eBay too but it was way more $$ and the item description was saying it might take a long time to ship.

    May I ask for link where u bought it?
    Is this correct?

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    yep i believe thats where i ordered them from (i think i had to make an account and get approved first before i ordered..?), honestly its nice having the metal gears but if i were to do it all again id probably just stick with the full plastic rc18t diffs, a lot of people seem to have success with just plastic setups and i think its less maintenance overall. Up to you though..

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    +1 for the plastic bevel gear. I have the Caster racing metal gears, but after some time, I have switched back to TA RC18 stock plastic ones. They retain more grease, and the diff seems to me to be easier to properly adjust.

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