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    Learn from my mistakes...

    Been having a blast with the truck. I have broken a few things now but I must say that most of the stuff I broke was from my abusive driving style and not the quality of the parts. (Except for shock shafts, they need some re-engineering)

    Broke the inside attachment piece off of the rear upper A arm, the place where the front pivot pin set screw is. No sweat, orderd a new one and some spares. Got my new arms and went to install them and found out the pivot pin was now too long. Well, after a few cuss words and some deep pondering I realized that I needed another part. There's a little plastic spacer that the set screw and pivot pin goes through that is not a part of the upper A arm! (Part #7743, suspension pin retainer) Seeing how it was Saturday night and I wanted to bash on Sunday I really needed that part. Got my flashlight and went out back to where I crashed and broke the A arm and actually found the little broken piece with the retainer on it.

    So if you bust a upper A arm make sure you pick up all the pieces or remember to order #7743 along with your new upper A arms.

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    Did the exact same thing. I actually had to go to the LHS and pick up 4 of them. Lessons learned that's what I like to call it.
    Mine also broke in the exact same spot. The pin retainer screw hole is actually in a really bad spot on the upper and lower control arms. Been thinking about maybe engineering another method to retain the pin. Then fill that hole with epoxy.
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