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    Bluetooth says connected but tx red light

    I purchased the Bluetooth adapter for my tqi. I installed the app and went into the garage. Clicked on traxxas link module and then push the bind button on the BT adapter and click the button to bind t in the app. It says "connected" but the red light at the top never goes to green on the rx or the tx. The remote and receiver are bound together just fine and the Bluetooth says connected and the BT symbol goes blue. But the rx and tx stay red. So I cannot do anything.

    I have called traxxas support and they said try to reinstall the app. I knew that wouldn't do anything but I figured I could troubleshoot better than I don't know never seen that before. So I then tried to bind it to an iPad mini I had. Same results. I thought maybe it was an iOS issue so I went from my 6s to an old 4s I had laying around and got the same results. So I know he issue has to lie somewhere in the app, transmitter, or the Bluetooth module. Since I have tried to Bing it to an iPhone 6s, iPad mini, and iPhone 4s all with random iOS versions that go fairly far back.

    Please any help on this would be appreciated!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tkpracing View Post
    Bluetooth says connected but tx red light
    First thing I would check is your transmitter batteries. You should always
    use new AA cells with 1.5 volts, Duracell's recommended. Some batteries
    only put out 1.2, I found this important.

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    A. First thing to do is Delete the app, do that now, then,
    follow these steps in order

    1. Turn off Transmitter
    2. Press and Hold both Menu and Set
    3. Turn on Transmitter
    4. Release both buttons
    5. Transmitter now blinks Red
    6. Press Set
    7. LED in now Green and back to factory defaults
    8. Bind to Receiver, do the following
    9. Turn off Transmitter and Receiver
    10. Open the Receiver box
    11. Press and Hold Set button on Transmitter Turn on
    12. Transmitter LED will flash red slowly - Release the Set button
    13. Press and Hold Receiver Link button (This is inside the Receiver box)
    14. Turn on Truck
    15. Release Link button
    16. Transmitter and Receiver LED should now be solid Green. (Transmitter and Receiver are Green, this not concern the ECS yet)
    17. Confirm steering works.
    18. Apply small amount of silicon grease to the Receiver gasket
    19. Be sure everything in Receiver box is plugged in and wires are not pinched
    20. Replace Receiver cover.
    21. Install the app
    22. Link the Bluetooth
    Slash 4x4 TSM OBA
    2s & 3s ID batteries

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