Hey all,

Just got a 2x4 stampede VXL. Love it, just got it as a cheap(ish) basher to upgrade over time. Also I may or may not have split the chassis after a nasty jump landing at the skatepark yesterday... :| Haha but my question is in regards to running lipo, which I'm new to.

I have a 2s and run it most of the time instead of the stock. But man, I just love a little more speed. I was wondering, is it safe to run a 3s with stock gearing when doing bashing/offroad stuff? I honestly don't run the throttle very hard most of the time, I'd just punch it before jumps and such to get a lot of air. My first TRX was a Revo 3.3 first gen, and I love that you could get the 45mph top speed anywhere with nitro - with electric it seems like around 30-35 is the best you'll get when going offroad without overheating.

So could I get away with 3s offroad, using stock gearing? Thanks!