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    What radio/receiver combo is best on a budget?

    So I might be picking up a slayer pro 4x4 soon from a friend for a good price, running but no radio and receiver. So my question is what's the best one to get on a budget? My lhs has a spektrum dx2e I believe on hand and also the spektrum dx4 something and a futaba 3pl I think. Which one would you guys recommend for a stock slayer pro 4x4 ?

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    I have the DX2 and it's great but the others you mentioned are just as great.
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    I have mine on a DX3S but I think those have been discontinued. If you plan on staying in the hobby a while do yourself a favor and save up and buy a good radio that you won't outgrow very quickly first before buying cheap ones. Even though a 2 channel may serve you well now, in the future you may need more channels and you'll find yourself saying "why did I buy this radio" and then you have to fork out the money for a radio with more channels or more capabilities.

    I've found myself in a spot where I have my DX3s maxxed out on model memory and decided to upgrade to the Futaba 4PL and it is an outstanding radio. In my experience go with 3 channels or more.

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