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    Thumbs up big block fiesta for speed!

    idk but my velenion system is not impressing me.i have a fiesta 1/16 big block with 1/10 velenion 3500 running 31/50 for gearing,stock tires and i got 42 mph TOPS! i ordered a 37 tooth pinion and i dont know if it will fit.i also picked up a 45 tooth spur. i have heard 50+ with the velenion 380.this is the battery i am using.
    yes it is heavy and for 1/10 scale butt im on a budget and its what i had.

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    Get a higher MAH battery. 3000 30c wont quite cut it for most 1/10 vehicles, but i suppose it could do alright in a 1/16. Could you post pics of how youre fitting this stuff into a 1/16 scale?
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