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    New guy help Traxxas Stampede Trencher issues

    Hello everyone,

    Im having some issues with my tires ballooning. I have a Stampede with a MM 2200kv on a 4s lipo so theres too much balloning. I have figured out the best way to cure this is the method of taping which I plan to do. My main issue is how do I get the tires off the rims??? Ive seen cutting methods and heating methods and boiling methods. I want to know what is best for my specific set of tires. I dont not want to ruin them obviously. I wasnt sure what thread this issue would belong to so apolgize in advance if im in the wrong place... still new to the fourm Thank you all for your help

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    there are several methods, they all work. some are easier than the others. I would personally soak the edges in acetone..... there are some foams that don't like that though......

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    My trenchers balloon like crazy but I can still drive straight as an arrow. Before you cut up a set of tires, what are you trying to achieve? Don't like the look, poor handling...

    I've run mine up to 4s with the sw8 2200.

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    I'm using fishing line on mine. I need to up the strength of the line, on 4s, I can snap the 15lb line. On 3s, it's fine. I run two per wheel and run them down between the treads.
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    The trenchers aren't made for speed. You guys are crazy.

    As for tire removal. I've seen YouTube videos people doing it with acetone vapour. Basically seal the tire in a bucket of acetone without letting the acetone touch the tire.

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    That's my 2400kv P4de on 3s. Ran 53 mph right after that and you see how they balloon. A 2⅜" strip on Gorilla tape inside is all it takes. They handle very well on the street too.

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    Just follow the tire marks and broken parts.
    I would take nail polish remover and let it soak where the glue is it takes a while but always worked for me.
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