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    Emaxx conversion to 1900KV with 150amp Esc

    I`m new to RC and I bought a new brushed Emaxx last year and now going brushless. I have a 1900KV sensored motor and a 150Amp sensored ESC. I have 2 x 2C lipo that I will run initially parrallel, than eventually in series. I went with the 1900KV because I wanted the torque for the heavy Emaxx. BUT I want to gear it so I get speed out of this set up as well. Can you suggest a spur and pinion for this set up? I`m thinking since it is a low KV motor (more torque), I cab afford to go with a a high tooth count pinion and a low tooth count spur (less torque) for the additional speed ? (ie. 18 tooth pinion and a 45 tooth spur) . Please suggest!

    Thank you!!

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    i would suggest somewhere along the lines of 25/65 to start with and work from there. may try to go into the brushless section and see what combo they are running.

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