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    Differential oil weight

    Never gotten much a 100% answer. Most say its for what they do. I do onroad and offroad driving in the winter, summer, fall, spring, all the time. I did a truggy conversion to it. I havent ever opened up inside the diff apart from the case. Just wondering what weight I should use in the front/rear. Ive had it for a little over a year so I need to do some maintaince

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    I am unfamiliar with the Stampede, aside from it being similar to the slash.

    A general guideline is a bit thicker in the front that the rear. Reason being thicker fluid in the front will help keep the inside wheel from unloading (spooling/ballooning...etc) in a turn, while a bit thinner in the rear will aid in turning.

    As a general, general rule for both front and rear, thinner fluid makes for better turning, thicker fluid makes for better forward traction. Too thin and you will unload (spool/balloon) loose traction too often, too thick and you will push through turns. That is the reason you never get a straight answer. What works for my bashing on my pavement, might not work for you bashing on your pavement. We may bash different, and we may have different pavement. Then mix tire choice into the mix and you have further complicated the equation, lol.

    It really is an experiment. I, personally would start 50 front and rear, if it pushed too much then I'd drop to 30 in the rear.
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    Along with that advice here's a rc tuning guide to help with setting up your suspension.
    I thought Trx puts 50 in rear and 30(I know they do in front diffs) in their trucks from factory.
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