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    Drive shaft wobble.

    Well I tried a hot racing shaft which I loved but under 6s power the thing was wobbling like crazy.
    Went out and bought the monster big bone and to my surprise, geared 27/34 it too wobbled under hard torque conditions.
    The finial mod, back to stock with a XO-1 bearing carrier setup.
    I really only needed as well as wanted a single center carrier bearing, then after some research I found I could fit the XO-1 carrier in with some mods but nothing to drastic.
    Here are a few picks, keep in mind it isn't finished but after a on stand fire up on 6s she spun true and so far I'm very happy with it.
    Yes, this rig will run AVC, at 100 plus mph I'll need a little help.
    The top of the carrier will make for a perfect GPS mount.
    It has a ways to go but winter will give me another good month to work on it.
    I had to file down a few of the fins on the side of the motor but its going together better and easier then I thought it was going to.
    I'll do my best to keep the thread updated if anyone is interested.
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