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    Broken clutch shoe.

    Guess I figured out why my truck would start moving on its own. I tried to run the truck 2 weeks ago and it started and tried to drive off on its own and something was burning my eyes when it was running. I reset the servo horn and made sure the return spring was keeping the throttle closed and that was fine. No matter how I set the carburetor or slipper clutch my truck would just start driving away slowly picking up speed. Also, the brakes didn't work at all, and they still barely work.

    What could of caused this? I'm assuming this was contributing to my brake problem.

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    A broken clutch shoe and spring will cause the shoe to become engaged at low rpms. The stock way has the pins pulling the shoe around, reverse the clutch so the pins are pushing the clutch. It will grab harder and maybe wear a little bit quicker; though I can go a gallon or two before I replace it.
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