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    TELLUBUG project

    Hey guys I've had my telluride for about 4 months and initially got it because it was reasonably priced and simple.. I told myself I wouldn't invest too much but after researching what mods can be done and what parts ould work, that statement is now shot.....

    I started looking for simple hop ups and then got bit by the modding bug and kinda went crazy.. Needless to say, i plan to transform the telly into a truggy-styled basher.

    So far, I learned a lot and had my fair share of trial and error.
    For pics, I upload all my stuffloosening just cause it's easier AND I can share with the entire RC world! Search TELLUBUG or 808rcdude.

    Has anyone tried putting on rear Jato a arms on the telly?
    Just cause the Jato front arms are not engineered for driveshafts. So I thought, by not put rears in the front.

    Another thing I was considering is the difficulty finding driveshafts for the Jato arms. I read some pede conversations but people.we're making their own using extra pede stock driveshafts as parts to build the one that works with the Jato mod.

    I also thought about keeping it simple and going with STAMPEDE/ slash arms all around for a wider stance..
    I ran 30mm hub extensions but found vibration issues in the rear, resulting in screws loosening after 10 mins with my 2.8 trenchers on dirt.
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    There is another telluride project that you should check out project 2or 3 thread's pasted your's!!

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