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    Unhappy Slash Ultimate vs. Platinum vs. Rustler VXL vs. Slayer Pro 4x4

    What are the biggest differences between these models?
    The last two models I through on here just to see peoples opinions. I plan to get a new one of these soon, I just am not set on one yet. I do not quite understand the differences of the Slash and I cant decide if I want electric or nitro. Can I get any advice? I only have the stampede that is electric.... now looking into any of the above models. Just dont know which one yet.

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    After I tried brushless, I'd never go nitro again. It was just too time consuming to tune a carb. I'm now also responsible for keeping my 8 year old's Slash 4x4 VXL running. Eliminate nitro from your options and just decide on brushed vs brushless.
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    Well, there is no difference between the platinum and ultimate as far as the truck itself.
    The difference is what's included in the package.
    The platinum is the upgraded truck without the supporting equipment.

    If you already have batts, charger and a traxxas tx get the platinum and buy a receiver.
    It'd be cheaper than the ultimate.

    I don't have either of the other two you mentioned, so I can't comment on them.
    I have had nitro in the past and will never go back to them after owning brushless/lipo.

    Brushless has less maintenance, lower operating cost, reverse and more torque/power.

    I have an ofna hodr that I'm looking into converting to brushless, a blast from the '80's.
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    Slash Ultimate and Platinum are 4x4 and are a great choice. The Rustler is the best 2wd basher I own. The Slayer Pro is Nitro and is also great. If you are into nitro the Slayer is great. If going electric the Slash 4x4 would be my recommendation you already have a 2wd electric. All the above are fun and just what the doctor ordered no matter which one you choose.y
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    Also, the Ultimate comes with the telemetry sensors while the Platinum does not.

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