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    Question Slash Engine Sleeve and Piston

    Rebuilding a TPX 3.3 Engine.

    Ready to reassemble. New sleeve, new piston, new piston connecting rod, etc. Sleeve and piston installed. Piston connecting rod connected to crankshaft. Now....

    When turning crankshaft, it won't go in full circle because it appears the piston can only go 3/4 of the way up into the sleeve. Is this normal? Will the compressions force it move freely? Am I missing something or is the piston and/or sleeve perhaps a defect?


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    It is the pinch of the sleeve which is normal. Make sure that the oiler holes on the rod face the carb as well as the cutout on the piston. The relief cuts in the back plate face up. It will also help to put a few drops of WD-40 or ARO onto the assembly to help it slide.
    If not, you will have issues with trying to get the engine started and running.
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