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Thread: new to rc

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    new to rc

    I am getting the 1/18 rally and im wondering if theres anything i need to upgrade right away? also whats needed first.

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    -front and rear diffs
    -pinion gear-front and rear.
    -set of stock screws

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    100% need spare set of screws and quality tools. Stripped one and had to cut a flat head slot to get it out.

    Teton/SST diff rings and pinions are a must have.

    'stick' is pretty much covered it but i'd recommend washers for the diffs. They are really loose. (At least on mine they were)

    That should be minimal requirements (Must haves)

    Also I'm pretty sure they stopped including the 2 amp charger so be sure to get a decent one as my stock one (got mine pretty recent last year) takes 3 and a half hours to charge. (Luckily my hobby dealer sent a free, ok charger that was better than stock).

    GPM or Team Integy make some aluminium parts. Haven't had the time to try them yet but probably will soon as I broke a rear hub carrier. They look pretty durable though.
    Don't use them everywhere though - it will strain the stock power system.

    Check this out it'll help though for the price, some upgrades are not worth it.

    The best advice is probably not to buy one if you are new to rc (like me). Probably better off with a standard size 1-10 touring car like the tamiya tt-02/tt-01 at similar price.

    That's not to say the rally is not good. It is a simple, nice car. But if you're looking to get into the hobby more easily, there are more options out there at similar prices.

    Hope this helps ... (Based on my own experience)
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