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    Question about car wash after the mud

    Hi where, i`m from Moscow, Russia, so excuse me for my english))
    i`m got 1/16 Rally VXL
    I want to ask about car wash after the mud: how do you clean dirty models?
    Usually i using, dont lauthing, my dishwasher))
    Of course, i screw off the motor, power system and reseiver before dishwash; and clean it separately by dry soft napkin.
    After washing and assembling i`m lubricate rotate parts.
    Do all of this too long and laborious, so i ask, maybe exist a normal way to wash a dirty model?)))

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    Well I use my air compressor. Or my moms hair dryer works too. But honestly I don't clean my car that much. The most I would do is clean the bearings. As long as it's not set it will be fine. Water will rust things, obviously. Dirt doesn't hurt anything.

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    I will go to a car wash and rinse it but not power wash it up close,use a garden hose or even the shower in the bathroom. If I don't have an air compressor available to remove excess water I will use a towel. As far as lubricating for rust prevention on screws,there are a lot of products from WD-40 to firearm lubricants that I used back in the 80's that work great.

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