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    Is it just me or is the MERV more durable than the ERBE?

    Hey all,

    Been a big fan of the Revo platform since the original 2.5R version came out. I bought a 3.3 years ago when the new engine first came out, but being young at the time I didn't realize how maintenance nitro models are. So after toying with it a little I eventually sold it for WAY less than I should've, lol.

    Anyway, years later I got the MERV and loved it. Eventually sold it too recently after some RPM upgrades, and bought myself an ERBE for my 21st birthday. I have already had issues with the shock caps on the end of the shock rod popping off all the time, and I've broken some teeth on the spur only on 4s offroad with a loose slipper clutch doing a backflip. I've only had the truck for about 3 weeks and have spent WAY more time working on it than driving it. I did buy it used, but I studied it very closely before making the purchase. I never had near this much trouble with my MERV - I ran it for over a year with only an occasional broken A-Arm and those blasted servos breaking on me all the time - never any broken teeth, etc.

    Am I just having bad luck with my ERBE, or do you all think that because the MERV is so light-weight that it makes it more durable due to less load on the motor, esc, shocks, gears, etc? I ask this because I'm considering buying another MERV to go along side my ERBE. Thanks!

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    What is the diff of MERV and ERBE? I dont get it? Sorry to bother you.

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    the MERV is 1/16 scale and the ERBE is 1/10 scale.

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    He's talking about the full size e revo. I've never owned one but it could definitely be from more power on a bigger vehicle? E revos aren't known for their durability stock, even the mini...

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    I have both cars and a revo 3.3, and all are beasts. I have never had a shock cap pop off on any of them. And teeth coming off the spur could be a bad mesh.

    Keep in mind you did buy it used, so without knowing how the car was taken care of before hand could play a lot into it. Just some bugs you will need to work out.

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    MERV is lighter and smaller. So if i clip a curb at 30mph, i has less weight acting on that a arm and the a arm is shorter therefore less leverage to break things.

    It can def take a beating. I cant compare it to the 1/8 revo because i only own the 1/16 though.
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    I own both the 10th scale nitro revo and the 1/16 brushless and the mini is night and day more fun. I love my nitros (I have a 4-tec aswell) but on a fun per dollar scale the electric one is tough as nails save for a couple broken ball joints and an A arm but I let my 8 and 10 year old honk on it too

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