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    Revo 3.3 Battery Issue

    Ive had my Revo for little over a year now, with no major issues and honestly hasn't seen much use. After the winter i started to charge my quick start battery, i plugged the charger into the power source waited for a solid red light then connected the battery and the light remained solid red for a few minutes then began blinking red constantly. I tested the charger on the servo rx battery and it worked fine after connecting the battery the light turned green and blinking. So i assumed the battery had went bad and ordered a new quick start battery, received it today and plugged it up to the charger and everything went great charged fine and able to start the truck, but now my servo battery is having the same issue that the quick start battery did when i plug it into the charger the light remains solid red for a few minutes then begins blinking red constantly. Before i order another battery is there another issue i should be looking into as to why this is happening? I have removed the battery from the truck and tried charging that way just to ensure there isnt a wireing isue. My charger is the stock 2 amp Nimph charger included with the revo 3.3. Any advice or tips would be great.

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    Sounds like the charger may have crapped out on you. A decent nimh charger is pretty inexpensive

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    If the batterieshave been sitting to long too, that will shorten their life span. Like all bateries Nimh also need special care, iover time they loose their chage and you have to check once in a while to make sure that its does not go too low.

    I am using Life batteries for my rx and so far liking them a lot, you will have to attach an lvc detector so that it does not go beloww the recommendations.
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