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    Tqi 2.4Ghz problem

    Hi all,
    When I turn on my tqi transmitter and receiver, the receiver led lights as solid red and will not pair with the transmitter. There is no receiver code like that in the manual, so I don't know what it means. What should I do, is my receiver fried?

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    Same thing happens to me. I tried pairing it in all sorts of methods but none work.

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    We bought my son the Slash 4x4 for Christmas and it's been running fine. He goes to use it today, and no response from throttle or steering out of receiver, only the steering trim works. I have researched a bunch of threads and have reset the receiver and traxxis link - but still same issue. I'm assuming it's under warranty since only about 10 days old - hoping I can just send back receiver. I realize electronics/mech. things break - but after 10 days for something that costs close to $600 is ridiculous.

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