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    Just thanks for removing a general rc question, I still had a question

    I was just asking about if the 3.17mm shaft is the same as 3.175mm. because all I can find is 3.175mm, not 3.17mm idk... I used the velineon 3500 on the rig, it was too long that is why I have to pick something else. Like the motor shaft on the velineon 3500 is a 3.17mm. I will avoid off topic chit chat, but I thought this was the ally, but whatever...
    My fav forum is and has been down for over a week now-exuse, I know its hard being a moderator
    Happy rc'ing

    Yes I have made plenty forum mistakes here, and many others, but I am aware of mostly general forum rules-
    Don't double post-if so edit and write "Double post"
    Unless its an open topic forum, be super careful what you post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer911 View Post
    Yes I have made plenty forum mistakes here...
    I think if you ask the mods, they'll tell you I am a forum mistake.

    I am assuming you are talking about the diameter of the shaft. If I remember my basic engineering correctly, you will see the pinions listed as a slightly larger size, if they were exactly the same, they would never be able to slide onto the motor shaft. But, if you are talking about the shaft itself, 0.005mm is just someone being overly precise and taking the measurement out one more place, and in RC specifications, 3.175mm is really the same as 3.17mm.

    Hope this helps.
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    You admitted the question you were asking was for help with a Non Traxxas vehicle , the forum rules you agreed to follow do not allow discussion of Non Traxxas vehicles.

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