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    Propeller and bearing problems

    Hi! Recently I noticed that one of the propellers on my Alias was running a bit slower than the others. I removed the propeller and gear and found a few tiny metal balls loose around the metal pin (6633). I then found what I assume is a ball bearing without any balls. I suppose this means I need a new ball bearing? Where can I get these? Do they have to be LaTrax ones or can I pick them up at any hardware store?

    I also me really struggling to put the gear back onto the pin. It is very very stiff and I worry that I will break something if I push harder. The same is true of the propeller. I've tried some WD40. As far as I can tell in fit is just cylindrical so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Ive asked LaTrax support but any help from you guys would be really appreciated. Thanks,


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    Propeller and bearing problems

    There is a flat spot in the shaft and on the gear and propeller. The flats must align.

    I picked up some shielded 3x6x2 bearings. Stock are fine too.
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    The stock bearings are available directly from Traxxas or most Traxxas resellers. Third party bearings from Boca bearings are also available direct from Boca or most of the same resellers. I prefer the Boca bearings because they are sealed but either work just as well.

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