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    Wink Erevo Double backflip mamba monster!!

    OK. I did some adjustments on my mxl-6s and took it out for a spin. Wow. It did a double back flip and landed it. I was like "I need to record this".
    I went and got a camera and tried it again and this time, it did a single flip and busted a metal Traxxas drive line. Now i need new axles. Does anyone have a good idea for some drive lines that can handle ALOT of torque?

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    +1 on MIP but my traxxas steel velocities has held very well tor my set ups too...I havevread a few peple csnapping them like but not many , non the less it amazes me...guess I am one of the luckkier ones.
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    I tried using the traxxas steel velocities. They seem to snap very easy at the pin. I broke one 5 minutes in on my first run. Yes we were jumping but nothing crazy yet. I purchased the kershaw maxx cvd's and so far so good. I haven't really put them to the test with big jumps yet but maybe this weekend.

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