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    EC5 connector housing mixup


    my deans failed on me (yes probably not the best solder job) so i replaced everything with Chinese EC5 connectors (slip the blue housing on the wires first, then solder then pull the wires and the bullet back into the housing) - i must say they are amazing!! car actually feels alot faster on 3s, now my motor is the one getting hot not the connectors!

    anyways, i had no idea that the male housing goes on the female bullet and vice versa in EC5 - so i did all the housing wrong but they still go together fine...has anyone successfully removed the housing without cutting or torching? I know with the style that you push the housing onto the completed soldered bullets isn't so bad to break apart but my style seems like it would be impossible

    any tips? thanks guys

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    I've done it, but not very often. You can put the connector in a vice (not too tight) or just wedge it between two boards and push on the metal with a screwdriver to pop it back out. Most of the time it doesn't want to come out so I just cut the old EC5 outer casing off and put on a new one.

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