Yeah, the Traxxas SRT battery box parts that Factory Works uses only come in the dyable white. I've seen a few (2 to be exact) on some vehicles over the years that were black, and that's it. Definitely like the black better for a more modern look.

And falling under the "Just to show you once again that great minds think alike" category.... Funny you mentioned the Protek chassis protector - a few weeks ago I picked up a couple of those (in black), put one on the wife's truck and have one left to put on this truck when it's all together. Those seem a little thicker than the JConcepts ones I was using on her truck before that just don't last on the dirt.

As for the trans sitting flush... When I ordered the chassis, I spoke to Jeff about the fact that I would be running only the RPM trans case in this truck. He mentioned what you had said before about a "slot" being cut out so the trans could drop down into it. Neither one of us really liked that solution too much, as it creates a very weak spot on the chassis right where it narrows down. After thinking about it a minute, I asked him to not cut the slot in the chassis, and told him that I would modify the case instead. So the only thing preventing an RPM case from fitting flush is one screw that sits at the very back on the bottom, where it would normally "hang" off the back of a stock chassis. This screw only joins together the 2 halves of the case where it goes around the motor - nothing that affects the actual case, or gears themselves. When reversed in the SRT-R mid-motor setup, the support on the backside of the battery box holds that together, so it's really not needed anymore. So I removed that screw, dremeled the area completely flat, and there you go - flush sitting trans.