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    Found a Nice Metal Prop

    Hey guys, a guy at my LHS bought DCB's today, and he wanted to upgrade to a metal prop on it. We dug around in the props my LHS had on hand, and we found an aftermarket prop that fits perfectly on it. It's an AquaCraft prop, from the GrimRacer boat. It's made out of copper-beryllium-titanium, so you can balance, and sharpen it. The new prop is 45x68, and the stock plastic prop 42x59, so the new one should be a nice increase. I'm planning on heading out tonight with him and trying it out and we're going to compare it to the stock factory plastic one. I'll report back on what we find!

    Here's the prop we used in case anyone is curious.

    On a side note, this DCB M41 is huge, pictures do not do it justice! It feels really well built, and the stand it comes with is quite nice. I"m really impressed with the overall quality on it, and I"m super tempted to pick one up for myself...
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