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Thread: start up

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    start up

    when ever I start up my car it idles for around one second and dies sounds kinda weird too does this 2 or 3 times then starts up and runs like normal does this happen to anyone else and how can I fix it? could it possibly be wd40?

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    Sounds like a warm up thing. Ive had cars do this before the engine gets up to a reasonable temperature, or if you're priming it well and it's idling for a second them dying the lsn could be too lean.

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    Own several Nitro's. Every single time I fire them up after sitting from the last run and doing proper after run before storage. I fire them up. Let em run a few seconds and then pick the model up and "blip" the throttle 4-5 times to "clean" er out as I call it.
    That includes traxxas models and several old non traxxas models I have as well. But won't mention brands as to not get scolded. Never have a problem with getting any of em up to temp and tuned. Ever. That includes my first old nitro tmaxx that's STILL on its original 2.5 it came with. Not the updated 2.5r. Had er since 02 or 03 with countless tanks thru it.
    There may be some on here that will try and dispute that statement but its facts. You take care of em and they'll take care of you.
    Have had more than one person go out to run em with me for them to only spend an hour trying to get gremlins lined out from just throwing em on the shelf after a day of play. I'm not downing anyone by any means. They bought em they can do as they please.

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