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    Crossed plugs dual lipo adapter ez-peak plus = smoke ?

    I have the 80 W ez-peak plus model with the dual lipo adapter. I connected the adapter and when I connected my second 3 cell battery, a spark came out of the balance plug and smoke came out of the fan area of the charger. I quickly disconnected everything, but I am assuming that I crossed the balance plugs with the Traxxas plugs. Meaning I connected the Traxxas plug from battery A to the balance plug for battery B and the Traxxas plug for battery B to the traxxas plug for battery A. I am assuming that is what I did because I disconnected everything so quickly I didn't take note of what was connected to what.

    The charger still seems to work fine balance charging a single three cell battery. But I've not yet attempted to reconnect properly two three cell batteries using the adapter. From what I can research on the Internet, I believe I burnt up some resistors in the charger, possibly relating to cells four, five and six.

    Assuming that I did cross the wires using the adapter with the two batteries, and since the charger balance charges one 3 cell battery as normal, thoughts as to what caused the smoke? Thanks.
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    That does short the charger. I think you might have killed either some of the balance channels or the dual battery adapter.
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