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    Differential oil

    What weight should I use? i heard every answer from everywhere from everyone. I do onroad and offroad. Its a stampede 4x4 vxl, but its a truggy conversion. I will be in my town's fourth of july parade and would like to have it ready before then. I will be doing a shock oil change but ive got that covered already.

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    It is all a personal preference. I used to run 30K in the front and grease in the back, but now I am running 30K in front and 100K in the rear.

    Experiment and see what you like, then go from there.

    Good luck with the parade! Sounds like fun.
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    I like thinner in the front, 30-40 and rear I have 100k as well. If I were cornering a lot, I would drop the rear to 50k

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    I just put something between 20k and 50k in and go. If I had to start tuning I would go thicker in the front and lighter in the rear. In my mini slash I have the front locked and 30k in the rear.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    You can alway make a custom blend of some 100k and 20k together which gives you like 80k. Like others have said you really do have to try it to see how it handles as you are the one that drives it and know what terrain you will be mostly on. It's kinda of a pain to tear down and rebuild but it is also half the fun to experiment, cause the reward is a rig that meets or exceeds your expectations!

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