So guys I was out driving the max around in grass field and was doing some jumps and tons of wheelies! Doing fast runs even crossing the field! It's about 74* outside but I ran a full charge on my 6s and the hottest temp my ir ever saw during the entire run was 106.7*F! Esc was 99.7 battery's were 99.5 and motor was 106.7. I must say my PS3 gets hotter playing a DVDs than this beast does! So far it's running great with my set up. Even running my heavy 94gram pinion gear on 6s! Can't wait to get my 4s battery's to try 8s. My diff shimming job that I did seamed to hold up really well during the run also but due to me jumping it and it doing cartwheels and flips that throw the body off still ended up damaging my rear diff. Which is just my fault. They prob wouldn't have broken if I wasn't jumping it! Even hammering down and doing crazy wheelies that have deatroyed my gears in the past and these held up great! Front diff is still work flawlessly. Will be rebuilding the rear diff tonight or Tommrow morning. If anyone has any questions about my set up let me know would be glad to answer any questions I can as I go through learning a lot about this truck as I put it through its paces and it's gets its use and abuse testing very well I must say haha. Bash on guys!