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    Bigger wheels and gearing?

    I have the 5700kv castle motor with a mamba max pro esc. I recently purchased some big joe II's mounted on desperado wheels for my 1/16 erevo. My temperatures are runnin a little on the hotter side than usual. The hottest I read today in 80 degree weather was about 160. I'm running 23/50 now. Does anyone else use this set up? How can I lower my temperatures? I am open to all suggestions.

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    Gear down to 21/50

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    Big joe II's I would go 16/50 or 19/50...

    How and where you drive will make a huge difference. If you do a lot of acceleration and braking your temps will be much higher. If you drive in thick grass or very rough terrain your temps will be higher. In both cases you will want to gear lower than normal. On the other hand if you do a lot of high speed driving on smooth surfaces you can gear higher and still stay cool.

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    Like some of the other posters have mentioned, if you go down 1-3 teeth on the pinion it should lower your temps.

    What was 160F? The esc or the motor? 160F on the motor is perfectly fine, anything under 190F shouldn't be a problem. If it was the esc temp you may want to change your gearing.

    Another option would be to raise your body mounts a setting or two to let the electronics get more airflow.

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    Keeping the temperatures down is the main thing.
    I'm running a Mamba Max Pro into a CC 1410 and I'd found there almost wasn't a limit - motor and ESC weren't heating up.

    Rough terrain / long grass mentioned above will certainly make it work and should raise them.
    I thought I had serious 'cogging' it was that tall, then found out there was a screw which was too long, catching the front diff!

    Your call - keep it reasonably sane!!

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