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    M41 maiden voyage

    Ran my new M41 today, first time on the water. I only ran it once, but I'm liking it so far. It was a pretty calm day, pretty smooth water. No flip-overs, but the bow did pitch upwards a few times, making me nervous. I ran 2 3s 5000 35-70C lipos. Acceleration felt good, top speed was pretty good as well. I only got it up to top speed for about a second then let off the throttle. I was a little nervous and took it kind of easy as it was my first time driving an RC boat. It handles pretty decent through a long wide radius turn with decent speed. It also seemed to turn sharp 180's fairly well too.

    The only issue I had was with some weeds getting caught on the rudder and prop (by no way the boats fault). If you have never driven a model boat, it is somewhat hard to see weeds from a distance, so maybe scout the area before hand. The only other very minor issue was getting the lipos strapped in. My hands aren't very large and it was somewhat difficult to securely tighten the battery straps. I put some velcro on the bottom of the batteries to prevent them from sliding backwards out of the straps. I also put some marine foam seal around the hatch to keep water out. There was about 1/4 cup of water inside after I took the hatch off. Pretty sure its leaking from the motor cooling jacket(as many other people here have mentioned). Others say they've had about a cup of water inside, I didn't measure, but it seemed less. I don't have a real accurate run time because I had to take the boat out of the water and pull some weeds off a few times, but I think I got a good 10 - 12 minutes of run time. I was fairly conservative with the throttle, but had it up to full throttle multiple times, usually no more than a second or two. I will try to get a more accurate time tomorrow. I will also try to get some temps as well. I shot a short running video of it today. Im gonna try to film it some more and get a video edited and up in a few days.
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    Great! I know what you mean about the weeds. The pond I run in will get 80% covered by weeds in the summer. Even running where you can't see any weeds picks up a few.
    I have an air boat and it does not pick up weeds but any wind makes it hard to control. Don

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    I can tell when the lake grass gets in the rudder, doesn't steer hardly at all, prop makes it slow down when grassed up. I had to clean mine this morning every pass. I get good run times with my 8400 3s, but they are too heavy compared to the 5000 3s.

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