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Thread: Traxxas dcb m41

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    Traxxas dcb m41

    any one buy this yet can't wait to get a traxxas cat!!!!

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    I have had mine for a month now. I have hopped it up and it runs good. See the M41 web page

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    yes i got one as well awesome boat fast but not fast enough have made a cooling upgrade to hr racing alum cooler (it for a spartan but fits with no issues) and metal prop (42x55) it gets with the program now...just all out awesome boat. only down fall is the batteries do not last long enough..

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    I run 5000's and 8400's in my 41, the 84's are back ups but I prefer the 5000's because of the weight and drive cable maintenance. That cable really does need to get grease after a good 5000 run because it gets hot and dry after 20-24 mins of run time, the 8400's get 35-40 min of run time but will wear quickly. I check water in the hull, motor temp etc. after each run. I am still working on my telemetry set up. I give it cool down on the 84's after 20 mins of run before going back out.

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