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    Angry New Summit, immedate rear diff click + no lock (with video)

    Brand new summit, after 10mins around the garden noticed a clicking noise and also that the read diff wont lock. Is there an easy fix for this or a diff replacement? dissapointed.

    Short video clip while holding one wheel :

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    Funny, exact same thing happened to my new 3 month old Summit. My problem was in the diff lock. The locking gear split in half. I had to replace part #s 5681 (kit) and 5678. Diff lock is pretty simple to remove, several vids on Youtube. Take it apart and see, sure Traxxas will warranty the parts. Funny, I've had a red Summit for years and have bashed it hard with no drive line issues at all. However, my new Green one has suffered the diff lock and 2 axle failures in 3 months.

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    It's all in the color I tell ya'. Red is scientifically proven faster, maybe some durability tests are in order, lol?

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