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Thread: Aton wobble

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    Aton wobble

    I recently got a new Aton at the beginning of July. What I am experiencing is at lower speeds, it flys nice and smooth. But when I punch the throttle while flying horizontally(full pitch), I get a significant wobble in the roll direction. Im no expert, but it feels like the flight s/w is oscillating trying to compensate for an out-of-balance, or weak motor condition. Has anyone else experienced this? This has happened since flight #1. I have currently flown it 3 times. No crashes. I am on the lastest firmware.
    Things Ive done:
    Swapped batteries (with another 3000mah battery)
    Rotated props.
    Replaced all 4 props.
    Spun up the motors without any props-- seems OK.
    Checked for any cracks in frame-- seems OK.
    Recalibrated gyros/accel/compass.

    nothing seems to help. love the Aton otherwise.
    any advice is appreciated.

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    Have you downloaded the most recent updates? If So, delete and re-install the update. Sometimes there is a glitch.

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    I just got mine a few days ago and the firmware from March wasn't updated! I guess they can sit on a warehouse shelf for months until they sell. I'd try the update first.

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    I read in your original post that you are updated to the latest firmware and have replaced all the props, but the problem still exists...

    I had one motor that began to whine/squeal (sounded weird) and it seemed to drag when I spun the prop by hand. Just before I decided to replace it, I noticed my Aton began to drift erratically around its axis... Once I swapped out the motor, it's back to 100% But, I doubt that's your issue...

    I'd call Traxxas tech support, they have provided outstanding service for my issues...

    Hope you get it sorted out.

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    motors for this thing are expensive! I more than likely will retire my aton after i replace its main frame (really bad crash due to backwards drift issue) Not even fun to fly anymore.

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    Call Traxxas support not normal. Call before you have any other problems. They can help.

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