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    Best Tires For Limerock Roads?

    I recently moved to an area with all limerock roads, after being on concrete and grass for over 20yrs with RC's this is something I can't seem to get use to. I can't do anything with my E-Maxx. The limerock dust seems to make my truck just spin and want to do donuts even with the slightest power. I have tried the stock E-Maxx BL tires, SportTraxx and Respose tires with no luck at all. Any suggestions?

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    The 40 series tires Proline makes - Mashers, Trenchers, Big Joes - are a bit wider and have a more aggressive tread pattern which would help with traction.

    If all else fails you could put a center differential in your truck which would put more power to the front wheels and make the truck easier to handle on loose surfaces.

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    T.S.M. problem solved. maybe loosen your slipper a quarter turn, and you could even pull out a little of the spring clips on the shocks. this advice should help drastically. happy bashing.

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