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    Exclamation Getting E-Revo to wheelie

    I have a brushless Revo and I've been running on two 3S lipo batteries. I just rebuilt both front and rear differentials and replaced slipper clutch pads. When setting it again I did what I have done before and turned in as far as I could then backed it out a turn. Before I was able to wheelie and now I hit the gas and the tires just spin and doesn't really go anywhere. I've been driving on concrete. I need some help!!

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    Are you sure its your tires spinning and not the slipper? Sounds to me like your slipper is a little too loose. Fully tight and then back 1 turn is a good starting point but you have to fine tune it from there.

    Also, most people only back it out 1/4 turn. 1 full turn might be too loose.
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    1 full turn is too loose. You may melt your spur gear with slipper that loose. 1/4 turn out is a good setting.
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